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Feydey Webinars

Feydey webinars give students an opportunity to interact with one another in real-time. Faculty members are on hand to answer questions and discuss topics of interest. Students develop not only academic skills but social and communication skills as well.


Daily Webinars

24/7 Support

Native Speaker Teachers

Global Community

Virtual Team Meeting


For 2022-2023 Academic Year

Beginner Group

 The Beginner Group Webinar is a live, one-hour-long interactive webinar specially designed for students who have minimal English levels. This webinar helps you to develop your vocabulary and grammar skills and improve your pronunciation by using the very latest interactive technology.

Intermediate Group

This intermediate-level webinar is designed for students who are looking to grow their English to a higher level. This group class will provide an opportunity for students to practice speaking and listening skills in a small group setting.

Advance Group

 The advanced group offers the opportunity for students to discuss university topics and learn about different interesting topics, and develop their university-level academic communication skills.

Mother and Daughter

Daily Webinars

At Feydey, we believe that our students should have every opportunity to succeed academically and socially. That's why we offer a series of daily webinars that give students the chance to interact with one another in real-time—and develop social skills as well as communication skills, which are essential for success at Feydey and beyond!

Online Class

Our Teachers

 Feydey is a platform where you can learn from the best! Our teachers are native English speakers or have years of experience teaching in schools, universities, and academies. They love to share their knowledge with others on any topic under the sun. We have them for almost all subject areas - from Business English to Arts

Watching Online Lesson

Global Community

Feydey Online Academy offers a global community of students and academics. Meet other students from all over the world, share your culture, language, and interests with them. Our site is managed by educators who teach real-life skills: writing, reading and language skills at all levels (elementary through advanced.)

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