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Feydey LMS

 We understand that learning is an individual activity and everyone has their own pace. Our platform gives each student the opportunity to study without confinement but with the aid of a central hub. We assess each student individually, and only then allow them to move forward in their learning journey.

Home schooling

Flexible Curriculum

Flexible Curriculum offers students the opportunity to study online when it's best for them and not at a scheduled time. Flexible Curriculum is designed for busy students who prefer flexibility.

Reading a book


Feydey Online Academy's Core Curriculum Program provides grade-level-specific curricula for grades K-12. The curriculum is aligned to State Academic Standards for all core subjects: English, Maths, Science, and Social Studies.

Graduation Day

Grade Recovery/Grade Repair

Grade Recovery provides students the opportunity to improve their grades with subsidized, high quality tutoring. Teacher consultations are also available for a nominal fee.

Online Class

Personalized Learning

Feydey Online Academy provides the opportunity for students to explore and engage in experiences within and beyond the confines of the classroom. While providing differentiated and individualized learning to all students,


Adaptive Assessments

To measure the learning gaps and where the students are in their learning

Test Preparations

ACT, SAT, Praxis, Workkeys, GED/HiSET, IELTS, NCLEX

Career Electives

From computer programming to hospitality and tourism, our career pathways have course subjects in 17 career clusters.

General Electives

Electives including STEM, Computer Courses, Fine Arts, World Languages, Health, and Physical Education


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Parent Portal

Parent Portal makes it easy for parents to keep in touch with what their children are learning online.


Our Courses

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Elementary School

Middle School

High School

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