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As a passionate Online School, we take great pride in every course we teach. Our highly interactive and engaging teaching style has made us an extremely popular Online School. Scroll below to start the admission process.

*A one-time admission fee of 250$ is charged to cover the online application process and verification costs.

Elementary School

Grades K–5

2995 USD

An easy and fun way for students to be introduced to their academic life. We believe that studying should be as engaging and fun for children as it is any other recreational activity. That’s why Feydey Online Academy offers a wide range of courses and packages that are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to go beyond with confidence.

Middle School

Grades 6–8

2995 USD

The Feydey Online Academy focuses on guided self-learning so that children will be mentally engaged and curious — the ideal environment for learning. We fuse academic skills with experiences in creativity, technology, entrepreneurship, and leadership to empower our students to ‘Go Beyond’ their potential. Our programs incorporate critical thinking, analytical reasoning, and problem-solving skills that will help you excel in your future studies.

High School

Grades 9–12

2995 USD

Our high school program gives students a chance to further grow their knowledge in subjects they have proficiency in and fill in any blank for a better resume in their college applications. We help our students throughout their high school years starting from choosing what career to follow and ending with college applications. Feydey Online Academy tutors guide them through every step.

Online School & Academic Support

SEM Students

Grades 6–12

6995 USD

Unlock your child's full potential with our online school and private tutoring program. Our expert teachers provide personalized instruction and support to help your child excel academically and reach their goals. With flexible scheduling and individualized curriculum, your child will get the tailored education they need to succeed

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