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About Our Online Academy

Feydey is an innovative, international, and accreditated school. We are a group of teachers and social entrepreneurs who started as a language school at the end of the last century. Now we are bringing our experience in education, technology, and management to build a new type of school that combines the best of traditional teaching methods with modern technology.


 Feydey Online Academy is the only online school where you can study from anywhere. Our award-winning LMS allows you to learn at your own pace, and our daily webinars will help you to stay connected with your peers. We provide 24/7 academic support, so if you’re having any problems or simply want some reassurance, just get in touch with us.

Study From Anywhere

Students are able to access their lessons from any part of the world by using our online academy. A fully interactive lesson, with a wide range of interactive tools and exercises, makes independent study at Feydey a truly unique experience. The Academy, with its wide range of educational resources, helps students acquire 21st-century skills in a way that is based on the natural need to learn through fun. The online academy also provides parents with flexibility over their children's education, allowing them to choose an option that fits best into their working schedule.

Online Class

Award-Winning LMS

 Feydey Online Academy is an educational platform focused on the individual. Our award-winning Learning Management System (LMS) gives students tools and materials to study, develop their academic skills, and learn. Students are able to choose what they would like to focus on, whether it be the social arts or science. Feydey Online Academy grows with you, offering a transition from high school to university in an environment free of judgment so that all students can discover their true passions.


Daily Webinars

Feydey Online Academy offers a wide variety of webinars, each designed to challenge our students to think critically and communicate effectively. Our wide range of topics gives students the chance to explore their interests, hone their skills, and meet new people. Whether you are looking for an educational opportunity or an opportunity to create an engaging environment for your child, Feydey is just the place!

Teacher and Student

24/7 Academic Support

With Feydey Online Academy, our teachers and technical team are available 24/7 to help with any issues you might be having. With 100% online courses and support for students, on-site teachers for one-to-one support and hands on learning, qualified teachers that integrate technology into real-world situations, and premier course content, Feydey provides a unique educational experience through an accredited international academy.

Remote Learning

Our Programs

We know that not every student is the same, so we've created a program that's tailored specifically to you, allowing you to progress at your own pace, and work towards your goals with others who are just as committed. Whether you're looking to get into college or university, or simply want to impress your current teachers and peers with your knowledge, Feydey Online Academy offers you a program that will allow you to be successful.

Online Class
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Online Music Lesson

Online School

Daily Webinars

Project Work

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I have been involved in Feydey Online Academy for more than 6 months. It is one of the best experiences i had with school and education in general . Mr. Tim helped me to find my dream career and now i know exactly what i want to do and how to achieve it.

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